Active Supervision

All Staff Meeting 9/12/19


BASE Customer Service

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“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

Lessons From Fred Rogers

All Staff Meeting 2/13/19

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What characteristics make up our “BASE Neighborhood?”

  • assisting children in preparing for their futures, providing opportunities for children to explore their interests, promote learning, respect and inclusion.

How can we ensure that we strive to be the “at least 1” caring adult in the life of a child at BASE?

  • active and open listening, communication, recognizing and supporting individual skills of the child

Check out the video clips below!


Choose Love Enrichment Program

Social and Emotional Learning


January 24, 2019

The 5th Annual Social and Emotional Learning Awareness Month - FEBRUARY!

Action Plan #1 - February 1st - February 8th

  1. Introduce The Choose Love Formula to BASE kids (pictured below).

  2. BASE staff & kids will design a copy of The Choose Love Formula to display at their BASE site.


3. Engage in conversations with BASE kids with the topics;

  • “How do you/BASE choose love?”

  • “How can you/BASE be part of the solution?”

    Engage in conversations with BASE kids one step further by breaking down The Choose Love Formula into separate conversation topics;

  • How to be empowered to have the courage to do the right thing… even if it’s hard;

  • How to have an attitude of gratitude no matter the circumstance;

  • How to handle challenging emotions and forgive yourself and others;

  • How to choose to act with love and compassion.

4. Document the work and submit to Melissa by Friday, February 8th (written assignments or art completed, pictures and videos).