October BASE Kid of the Month Awards

As we celebrate our first month as BASE, we do so with a special focus on why we are here and why we do the work that we do - our BASE kids. Each day at our BASE sites brings with it something new, exciting and special. Our BASE kids are kind, talented, generous, unique, and incredibly FUN to spend time with after school. Recognizing all of their personal characteristics and accomplishments would be impossible, however it is extremely important that we take time to recognize in a special way those who stand out in memorable ways. We take time to look back at the month that has so quickly passed by and been filled with programs, games, educational opportunities, theme weeks, activities, events, community involvement opportunities, new friendships, and so much more.

BASE staff members are pleased to announce the BASE Kid of the Month recipients for the month of October for the 2018-2019 after school program. We present the following awards to these incredible BASE kids, chosen by their site staff members, who possess and demonstrate positive qualities in the areas of leadership, participation, positive attitude, and responsible behavior.

BASE Barrie

Cole Oct website.jpg
Iris Oct website.jpg

base purdy

Isabella Oct. website.jpg
Pearson Oct. website.jpg

base rockwell

Aubrey Oct. website.jpg
Joseph Oct. website.jpg