BASE Holiday Open House FUN

Thank You to BASE kids, parents and families, school principals and teachers, BASE Board of Directors members, community members, and others who joined us at a BASE site this afternoon to celebrate the holidays at our BASE Holiday Open House. A special Thank You to BASE families who donated refreshments and craft supplies. A very special Thank You to BASE staff members who planned and facilitated an incredibly fun afternoon of activities. BASE families are going to have some beautifully decorated holiday trees with all of the ornaments created today! Happy Holidays from BASE!

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BASE Holiday Open House

We want to celebrate the holidays with YOU! Join BASE staff and kids at our BASE Holiday Open House on Wednesday, December 12th, 4:00-6:00pm. All of our BASE sites will be open to friends, family and community members for games, activities, refreshments and FUN! Please accept our invitation to join us and find all of the details listed below.

BASE Barrie - 1000 Harriette St, Fort Atkinson

BASE Luther - 205 Park St, Fort Atkinson

BASE Purdy - 719 S Main St, Fort Atkinson

BASE Rockwell - 821 Monroe St, Fort Atkinson

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November BASE Kid of the Month Awards

BASE staff members are pleased to announce the BASE Kid of the Month recipients for the month of November for the 2018-2019 after school program. We present the following awards to these amazing BASE kids, chosen by their BASE site staff members, who possess and demonstrate positive qualities in the areas of leadership, participation, positive attitude, and responsible behavior.

BASE Barrie

Cayl Nov website.jpg
Kayla Nov website.jpg

BASE Luther

Destiny Nov website.jpg
Kade Nov website.jpg

BASE Purdy

Ainsley Nov. website.jpg
Ben Nov. website.jpg

BASE Rockwell

Amylah Nov. website.jpg
Jackson Nov. website.jpg

BASE Lends a Hand to the Humane Society of Jefferson County

It’s December and BASE has chosen the Humane Society of Jefferson County as the focus of our Lend a Hand Community Service project. We will be collecting and delivering supplies through a supply drive and special delivery date. BASE kids have shown a passion for learning about and caring for animals and are excited about this project! See the details on our poster and help us give to the Humane Society of Jefferson County!

A Lesson in Chinese for BASE Purdy

BASE Purdy Site Coordinator Miss Sam and her classmates from Waukesha County Technical College brought Chinese to BASE Purdy through their teamwork service project. Miss Sam, Ying, Ashley, and Patricia taught lessons on Chinese culture through fun and educational activities. The Chinese lessons included the topics of interesting and amazing food, Chinese holidays, fun facts about China, basic Chinese greetings, Chinese names, and Chinese painting and origami. BASE Purdy kids were excited about this fun and unique opportunity, showing enthusiasm during all of the planned activities. A HUGE Thank You to Miss Sam and her classmates for bringing their time and talents to BASE Purdy for the afternoon.

Ideas & Actions Inspiring Others

All it takes is one person to conceptualize an idea and carry out a plan with the intention to do something good and make a difference. BASE Purdy kid Abby did just that. We proudly present another BASE Mission Moment.


BASE is committed to providing quality, out of school care that will inspire our local youth to be contributing, productive and responsible community members through intentional programming that supports positive character development and unique opportunities to grow as individuals.


Abby made knit hat ornaments to sell to people in the community.


Abby donated the $65 she collected by selling her handmade ornaments to the Humane Society of Jefferson County.

Thanks to Abby we were all inspired by her kindness. Our next BASE Lend a Hand Community Service Program project for December will be announced this coming Monday, December 3rd.

Gratitude to Kindness

BASE staff and kids celebrated Gratitude Week last week honoring the Thanksgiving holiday and move into Kindness Week this week. Site Coordinator Ms. Payton got creative with BASE Rockwell kids as she and staff members completed fun turkey art projects together. Not only did everyone enjoy creating some special items to take home to share with family for the holiday weekend, but they also took time to share what they were thankful for with each other. The genuine thoughts and feelings shared by BASE kids in all of our Fort Atkinson elementary school sites and surrounding a holiday that paused to remember gratitude and thankfulness were heartwarming. On a daily basis through programs, activities and community service projects, BASE staff and kids find new ways to express their creativity, knowledge and genuineness.

October BASE Kid of the Month Awards

As we celebrate our first month as BASE, we do so with a special focus on why we are here and why we do the work that we do - our BASE kids. Each day at our BASE sites brings with it something new, exciting and special. Our BASE kids are kind, talented, generous, unique, and incredibly FUN to spend time with after school. Recognizing all of their personal characteristics and accomplishments would be impossible, however it is extremely important that we take time to recognize in a special way those who stand out in memorable ways. We take time to look back at the month that has so quickly passed by and been filled with programs, games, educational opportunities, theme weeks, activities, events, community involvement opportunities, new friendships, and so much more.

BASE staff members are pleased to announce the BASE Kid of the Month recipients for the month of October for the 2018-2019 after school program. We present the following awards to these incredible BASE kids, chosen by their site staff members, who possess and demonstrate positive qualities in the areas of leadership, participation, positive attitude, and responsible behavior.

BASE Barrie

Cole Oct website.jpg
Iris Oct website.jpg

base purdy

Isabella Oct. website.jpg
Pearson Oct. website.jpg

base rockwell

Aubrey Oct. website.jpg
Joseph Oct. website.jpg

Lights on Afterschool Shines a Light on BASE

BASE celebrated Lights on Afterschool 2018 with a theme of Health & Wellness today at all 4 BASE sites. Snack time began with boxes of healthy KIND bars for each BASE member that we received by registering our BASE sites to participate in the Afterschool Alliance 2018 Lights on Afterschool event. Thank you to KIND for the delicious KIND bars and thank you to the School District of Fort Atkinson who provides our BASE sites with healthy snacks every day afterschool.

We continued our wellness activities during recreation time which we offer every day for BASE members. BASE sites participated in a jump rope challenge and BASE Rockwell enjoyed a football game.

Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial is a nonprofit financial company and provided our BASE sites with some amazing supplies that were perfect for us to use today. The company is built on community impact and being there for their members. As a company they have a youth development program which allows them to give free educational supplies to schools and groups such as BASE. A former BASE staff member Mr. Kyle saw this as great benefit to our BASE sites, that our kids could use and enjoy these materials. Thank You to Mr. Kyle for thinking of us and to Modern Woodmen of America (touching lives, securing futures). BASE kids loved the jump ropes!

We returned to the health topic during our Power Hour session which we also offer every day for BASE members. We distributed and reviewed 2 educational cards that were also donated by Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial. The cards educated BASE members on the ABC’s of Healthy Snacking, Good-for-You Snack options, Get Active options, and Food Group guidelines.

We made our afternoon program everything “Lights on Afterschool.” BASE staff and members participated in the light bulb challenge, completed a BASE word search, colored and cut a light bulb to display, and completed a writing assignment where they wrote and illustrated just what BASE means to them.

Lights on Afterschool 2018 at BASE!

On Thursday, October 25th, 2018, our 4 BASE sites will celebrate the importance of afterschool programming in our Fort Atkinson community and communities across our county as we participate in Lights on Afterschool 2018. After having chosen a theme for this year’s event, our BASE team is preparing programs and activities that highlight health and wellness. We also received some generous donations that we are excited to share with the kids tomorrow. If you are as passionate about quality afterschool care as we are at BASE, follow us on social media or even take a moment to reach out and find out how you can join with us to inspire kids and build bright futures.

The Afterschool Alliance is working to ensure that all children have access to affordable, quality afterschool programs and BASE is proud to participate in the Lights on Afterschool campaign.

Check in with us tomorrow and see the details of our health & wellness programs and activities for our BASE kids and celebrate the importance of afterschool programming at BASE.

 Color a lightbulb to support Lights on Afterschool!

Color a lightbulb to support Lights on Afterschool!

Britto Zentangle Pumpkin Card Project!

We recently hosted our 1st annual Harvest Dinner on 10/10. There were so many people who volunteered their time, talents, goods and money to make it happen. We are so very thankful of their support.

As always, we will be sending them thank you cards and want our BASE Program Kids to help create beautiful cards to our Harvest Dinner supporters.

For inspiration we will be looking at artist Romero Britto- you can check out his work here:

Britto is is a Brazilian artist, painter, serigrapher, and sculptor. He combines elements of cubism and pop art in his work, using vibrant colors and bold patterns as a visual expression of hope and happiness.

We have printed pumpkin cards that you can draw patterns like a zentangle. Here is how it works:

Using a black pen, create tangles. A tangle is a pattern drawn in black pen along the contours of the lines dividing the different sections of the pumpkin.Draw a new pattern in each section of the pumpkin.

Once you have your lines completed, color the pattern in!

zentangle pumpkin.jpg

Thanks kids!- Ms. Alicia